Learn about the bpmn.io project, its creators, origins, and BPMN.


Once initiated by Camunda, a leader in process automation, and Zalando, a German e-commerce champion, bpmn.io provides tools to better communicate process and decision knowledge.

Camunda is a company with a long track record in BPM. For more than eight years we have been helping customers all over the world to apply business process management (BPM) in an effective way. In 2013 we launched Camunda as an open, extensible platform for business process automation with BPMN 2.0 and Java.

An important part of our BPM vision is BPMN 2.0, an established global standard for modelling business processes. First of all, it allows you to visualize business processes, thus making it easier to capture, discuss and change them. Then again, it also defines a standardized file format that makes it possible to exchange modeled diagrams freely across compliant modelling tools.

We believe that the full potential of BPMN and other modeling dialects can only be unleashed if people get great tooling that is free. Those who model should be able to create and share BPMN 2.0 processes with others — on the web and without restrictions. Those who develop should be able to visualize processes in their applications and enrich them with the data that is important for application users.

We've initiated bpmn.io as an effort to provide the best BPMN tools possible: Open source and free to use for everyone who changes people and organizations through BPMN.

More about BPMN

Resources that help you to better understand process modelling with BPMN.