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The Desktop App is here

Published by Nico Rehwaldt on Wednesday, 27 May 2015.

Today we release the desktop app to the public. It is a small application makes our BPMN modeling features available offline, on any computer. The app builds on the same foundations as our web modeler and adds multi-tabbing as well as a xml view.

The desktop app is something we have been working on since last year's BPMCon. It packages our BPMN modeler and can be installed onto your computer via the chrome app store. Today we are proud to release the first stable version.

The app allows you to open multiple BPMN diagrams in paralell through multiple tabs. It integrates with the operating system allowing you to open and save diagram files right to your desktop. We've also added a XML tab that allows you to view and edit xml, with all the changes being reflected in the diagram. The app runs on Windows, Linux and Mac OS X. Give it a try.

Got some feedback on it? We would like to hear from you via our forums or Mastodon.

PS: The app is open-source and on GitHub.

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