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Manual Connection Layouting

Published by Jörg Dotzki on Thursday, 22 January 2015.


Our first release this year adds manual connection layouting to the bpmn-js modeler. Additionally it provides a number of BPMN 2.0 serialization fixes and a new lasso selection tool. We ship the modeler prepackaged via our bower packaging, too. This should make it easier to play around and embed the web modeler.

The major feature of our release is the ability manually layout connections. You can now customize the way points of connection and reconnect connections to different sources / targets.

To support the user creating clean diagrams, the connection snaps automatically at vertical and horizontal orientation. The start and end points of a connection can be moved and attached to another shape.

Try out our the manual connection layouting on

Selection improvements

The modeler now support two selection modes. First one is by using our new lasso tool. It allows to draw a box around the elements you want to select. The other way allows adding individual elements to the selection.

Function Key combination
Lasso tool Hold Alt key + left mouse button + mouse move
Add elements to selection Hold Shift key + left mouse

More keyboard control

With this release we added a consistent way of handling keyboard events. Developers should have a look at the documentation of this new keyboard service. For Mac users the system specific shortcuts were added.

For users of the bpmn-js modeler, a number of keyboard shortcuts are available:

Function Shortcut
Delete Del
Undo Strg + z, Cmd + z
Redo Strg + y, Cmd + shift + z

A prepackaged modeler distribution

The bower packaging received a major update. We now ship three different versions of bpmn-js prebundled:

  • The plain viewer
  • The viewer with mouse navigation capability
  • The modeler

Additional changes to previous version:

  • The package ships with all necessary css + font files to style both viewer and modeler distributions.
  • The prebuild artifacts can now be found in the dist directory.

To get the prebundled packaging install using bower via bower install bpmn-js. Alternatively you can directly download it from GitHub.

XML magic

The modeler supports serialization / deserialization of expression as well as di extensions.

Expressions are now correctly serialized with their respective xsi:type:

<bpmn2:sequenceFlow id="SequenceFlow_1" name="" sourceRef="Task_1" targetRef="ParallelGateway_1">
  <bpmn2:conditionExpression xsi:type="bpmn2:tFormalExpression">${foo > bar}</bpmn2:conditionExpression>

Extensions for BPMN DI allow vendors to attach custom meta-data to graphical elements. We now properly read and write these elements.

<bpmndi:BPMNShape id="_BPMNShape_Task_4" bpmnElement="Task_1">
  <di:extension xmlns:vendor="http://mycompany">
  <dc:Bounds height="80.0" width="100.0" x="194.0" y="166.0"/>

Try out importing and exporting this example diagram.

Wrapping up

Please give us feedback on the connection layouting improvements shipped with this release. Make sure to follow us on Mastodon to stay up-to-date, too. As always you can fetch the latest version of bpmn-js via npm or bower. Happy BPMN modeling!

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