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Move Rows and Columns

Published by Sebastian Stamm on Wednesday, 06 January 2016.


The latest version of our DMN modeling library allows you to change the order of rows and columns via dragging. Using the library also got easier: We now offer a pre-packaged version to be installed by bower or downloaded manually - no build step required.

What's new

Like the bpmn-js library, dmn-js now has a pre-packaged bower distribution, too.

We also fixed a bug which wrongly allowed users to open a context menu on cells with technical information or line-numbers.

Besides row and column re-ordering, this release provides another useful feature: The undo and redo functionality is now much more fine-grained and feels more natural. With dmn-js v0.4.0 it is possible to undo and redo sections of the text when typing a longer text.

For a full list of changes, check out the project on Github.

What's next

In the coming weeks Camunda will release a new version of the modeler, which will contain the new dmn-js version.

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Get the latest release of our DMN toolkit via npm or bower.

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