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Configure Job Priorities and Retry Time Cycle

Published by Patrick Dehn on Thursday, 14 January 2016.


We just released the latest version of our properties panel. Besides plenty of bug fixes it also includes some new features such as support for Camunda process engine's job prioritization and job retry time cycle. We also managed to improve the usability significantly using a new tabbed layout. Finding the right property is now a lot easier!

What's new

It is now possible to specify a job priority using the properties panel. Under the hood it sets the camunda:jobPriority attribute in the diagram XML. Learn more about Camunda process engine's job prioritization.

You can also define the retry time cycle for failed jobs in the same place. This changes the camunda:failedJobRetryTimeCycle attribute in the diagram XML. You can configure the time cycle using the ISO_8601 standard for repeating time intervals. Learn more about failed jobs and the ISO_8601 input format. We also added support for the camunda:initiator property.

Adding more and more properties to the panel is great but it also makes it harder for users to find the property they are looking for. Therefore we decided to group properties together and introduce a tabbed layout. If there are many properties for an element you can easily find the right one using tabs.

For a full list of changes, check out the project on Github.

Improvements under the hood

Besides new features and several bug fixes we further improved our code quality to ensure maintainability. Several refactorings especially in the css and less code were applied to lower the borders for future contributors.

What's next

This release of the properties panel will be part of the next version of our Camunda Modeler and is already included in the nightly builds. We are interested in your feedback on our latest properties panel improvements! Get in touch with us via our forums and tell us what you think.

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Get the latest release of our properteis panel via npm.

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