Choose how to get bpmn-js (currently v17.9.0) based on your use-case. You can try it out via our online demo, too.


Explore numerous bpmn-js usage examples, many ready to use right in your web browser.

Explore Examples


Try out bpmn-js in no time via starters, embedding pre-packaged versions of our BPMN toolkit.

Checkout Starters

Source Code

The bpmn-js sources. Use it to have a look inside or build tooling around bpmn-js. Requires additional tools.

Download Sources

Get bpmn-js via NPM for full access to individual project components and easy customizability.

Choose this setup if you would like to extend and customize the library to your needs.

npm install bpmn-js

Note: This requires additional build steps such as bundling for the browser with Browserify or Webpack.

Checkout the bundling example to learn more.

Clone and hack the project sources yourself.

If you have not downloaded the projects source code already, create an empty folder an clone the project using git via

git clone -b v17.9.0 .

Ensure you have Node.js / NPM installed. Execute the following command to install all required project dependencies

npm install

Build / test the project via

npm run all

Refer to the projects GitHub page for more information.

Have a look at our example projects to learn more about different usage scenarios for bpmn-js.