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Improved Readability of DMN Decision Tables

Published by Daniel Meyer on Thursday, 21 April 2016.


We are proud to announce the latest release of dmn-js. The release focuses on the styling of DMN Decision Tables.

Readability and Contrast

Readability is improved by increasing contrast within the cells.

For reference, this is what a DMN decision Table looked like in previous releases:

Clearly, it looks very "green" and has low contrast. The majority of the cells have a green background, using different shades of green for inputs and outputs. The text itself is of a a relatively light gray color. As a result, the contrast between the background of the cells and the text content inside the cells is not very strong.

This was improved by removing the green background for inputs and lightening the background color of outputs. The text now uses a darker shade of gray resulting in more contrast between the cell content and the cell background and thus better readability.

Decision Tables now also look better if they are printed out on paper.

Additional Details

Some small but not insignificant details were reworked:

  • Contextual drag handles: The handles used to order columns are now only shown when the mouse hovers over the column or row instead of all the time.
  • Less ceremony in the context menu: the animations were removed from the context menu (opens on right click).

  • The icon was moved out of the decision table itself into the top-right corner.

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