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Label Editing and Drop On Flow shipped

Published by Philipp Fromme on Tuesday, 01 August 2017.

bpmn-js0.21.0 diagram-js0.20.0

We are happy to announce the latest release of our BPMN toolkit. It ships with improved label editing, improved snapping for better-looking diagrams and various bug fixes.

Label Editing and Text Annotations

Working with text annotations has improved significantly. When editing labels, you now see what you will get once you’re finished editing, regardless of the zoom.

Futhermore, text annotations now automatically resize to fit their content and can be resized, too.

Snap to Flows when creating and moving Elements

This release brings improvements to dropping elements onto flows. Elements now snap to flows when moving them making it easier to create better-looking diagrams. Simply create a new element from the palette or grab an existing one and drop it onto a flow.

Other Improvements

We've includes various bug fixes like

  • Pasting a elements many times after copying is now possible
  • Labels of attached elements are now moved with their associated element

What's Next?

Do you miss an important feature within our BPMN toolkit? Approach us on our forums, tell us what you think and help us shape our roadmap.

As always, get the latest bpmn-js release via npm or bower.

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