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Smaller bpmn-js Bundles

Published by Nico Rehwaldt on Tuesday, 21 November 2017.

bpmn-js0.25.0 diagram-js0.22.4

Today's bpmn-js release shrinks the bundle size of our pre-built distro by roughly eight percent. Other than that it adresses a modeling interaction bug on Internet Explorer and Edge.

We have incorporated the following changes into this release:

Get the release via npm or bower.

Update: As of bpmn-js@0.25.1 we've partially reverted 642d7b88 and re-exposed the BPMN model loaded in the viewer/modeler instance. The imported bpmn:Definitions instance is now accessible via #getDefinitions():

var bpmnJS = new BpmnJS();

// null; no definitions loaded yet

bpmnJS.importXML(diagramXML, function() {

  var definitions = bpmnJS.getDefinitions();
  // { ... }; imported from diagram

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