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cmmn-js Quality Rollup

Published by Nico Rehwaldt on Friday, 24 November 2017.


Today we release an overhauled version of cmmn-js, including many improvements in our underlying toolkits, direct editing and XML handling.

The following list highlights the most relevant changes incorporated into this release:

  • FEAT: Improved diagram overlays (cf. bpmn-js blog post)
  • FEAT: Faster import due to improved document parsing (cf. bpmn-js blog post)
  • FEAT: Add snapping for connection bendpoints
  • FEAT: Render labels, even if detached or hidden
  • FEAT: Better direct editing experience on labels and text annotations
  • FEAT: Always expose parse warnings on import error, too
  • CHORE: Internalize Viewer/Modeler fields and expose loaded definitions via #getDefinitions()
  • CHORE: Don't attach Viewer/Modeler per default
  • FIX: Modeling improvements on MS IE and Edge browsers
  • FIX: Address various import and export bugs

Get the release via npm.

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