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Spring cleaning @bpmn_io

Published by Nico Rehwaldt on Thursday, 22 March 2018.

bpmn-js0.28.1 diagram-js0.29.1

We are proud to announce the latest release of our BPMN toolkit. The release focuses on internal changes to improve the efficiency and reduce the footprint of our toolkit.

With this release we replace lodash, previously used as our utility library, with min-dash. This change results in ten percent smaller bundle size for our pre-built BPMN viewer. As a special, all this was supported by a community contribution. Would you like to shape the future of our toolkits? Become a contributor, too!

Complete list of (internal) changes:

  • FEAT: replace lodash with min-dash
  • FEAT: update min-dom dependency

As part of an ongoing process we are going to roll out these improvements to the majority of our toolkits and utlities, including our soon-to-be-released, revamped DMN toolkit.

Get the latest BPMN toolkit pre-packaged or as source code via npm or unpkg.

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