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Dropping Legacy Callback Style APIs

Published by Nico Rehwaldt on Wednesday, 16 August 2023.


With the recent bpmn-js@14 major release we removed callback style APIs from our BPMN toolkit. We'll follow-up with other toolkits in the near future.

If you still work with the deprecated callbacks, ensure to move over to the web platform friendly Promise-based APIs:

const xml = '...'; // my BPMN 2.0 xml
const viewer = new BpmnJS({
  container: 'body'

try {
  const { warnings } = await viewer.importXML(xml);

} catch (err) {
  console.log('error rendering', err);

Reach out to us via our forums, follow our updates via Mastodon, and file any issue you found in the respective toolkit issue trackers.

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