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Reworked Element Selection

Published by Nico Rehwaldt on Monday, 06 November 2023.

bpmn-js15.0.0 dmn-js14.7.0 diagram-js12.6.0

The latest BPMN and DMN toolkit releases ship with a reworked selection UI. The improved UI makes diagram element selection more ergonomic and less verbose.

Selection is an integral part of the core modeling UX. It has to work; you come across it immediately, and it leaves a lasting impression. Recent releases of our modeling toolkit simplify selection following the selected element's shape. The change results in a less verbose look and feel and clearly distinguishes single-element selections and multi-selection:

Improved selection in BPMN

Enjoy reworked selection in BPMN and DMN editing.

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Wrapping up

The latest updates are another important step towards an overhauled core modeling experience. Stay tuned for future exciting updates.

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