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cmmn-js Quality Rollup (2)

Published by Nico Rehwaldt on Thursday, 15 February 2018.


This second quality rollup of our CMMN 1.1 viewer and modeler pulls in improvements from our underlying diagram toolkit, fixes several bugs and brings a new way of packaging.

We have incorporated the following changes into this release:

  • FEAT: Allow to react to contextmenu events
  • CHORE: Discontinued bower distribution in favor of packaged bundles, cf. bpmn-js blog post
  • CHORE: Improve XML import, validation and export
  • FIX: React on resize during Viewer#attachTo
  • FIX: Properly detect touch during label editing

If you relied on our old pre-packaged bundles manual migration is necessary. Read the related bpmn-js blog post for guidance how to migrate. Checkout our brand new cmmn-js starters if you'd like to play around with the toolkit in no time.

Get the latest release pre-packaged or as source code via npm or unpkg.

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